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Our team continues sharing with you our updates for Rocket DAO platform and for today we are making an overview for what has been done during the week!

Functional unit Expert is developed
07 Jul 2018

We are happy to announce, that our team has developed Functional unit Expert with Forum and Knowledge Base to make our work together more effective and productive.

29 Jun 2018

Hey-hey! It’s the end of hard working week, so it means that this article is all for fresh Development Updates. It was scheduled to make adjustments and coordination for  technical specification for the platform development process, prepare documentation for Knowledge Base and Forum and creating prototypes for Landing page Rocket DAO and Startups - Expert - Start of Expertize. Here are the details

22 Jun 2018

Hi, everyone! One of our favourite topics for articles is Development Updates, because we can show how much work was done during a week and we are happy to share the freshest one.

We continue working on the details for Fund unit and a great thing our developers implemented is chat!

5 Jun 2018

Rocket DAO project has ambitious desire to build a  destruptive technology for investing activities. Our platform is for interacting among 3 communities: investors, startups and experts. Startups suggest their projects for funding, experts evaluate them according to the developed methodologies and investors allocate funds while insuring the risks are kept at minimum thanks to experts’ input. In this article we want to present you our vision of how it works.

May 31, 2018

Hi, guys! It’s a pleasure for our team to announce that we started active development for the last, but not least part of Rocket DAO platform - Experts. Here we want to share some updates we have already done. Our team is making adjustments for Rocket DAO Fund and Wallet also as scheduled.

May 25, 2018

Hey-hey! We continue sharing the latest updates with our community;)

The header design was amended: a user can now switch between Fund-Expert-Startups. Implemented sorting by fields in SandBox. Now the list of ICOs will be automatically updated every day and irrelevant ICOs will be deleted.

14 may 2018

Hello, everyone! Today we want to share with you some results on product development we achieved during this month.

Fresh Development Updates
11 may 2018

Hello, guys! Product development is going as scheduled. Last week we were busy making adjustments on the front-end side, testing and bug fixing for RocketDAO.Fund. Here are some of the other progresses we’ve made.

Last Development Updates (30th April - 4th May)
4 May

Hi there, guys! We will be ready to present you the first versions of our products soon and here are some fresh updates for RocketDAO.Fund.


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