10 Jul 2018

Hey, guys! We can't help but feel excited by the work the expert community does! It's already the 4th methodology has beed developed on Rocket DAO. You can find this methodology for evaluation  startup's technology and previous ones in our Knowledge Base in the folder "Methodologies". We welcome you to register and join our community to have an opportunity to discuss everything connected with project expertise: https://rocketdao.expert .

Functional unit Expert is developed
07 Jul 2018

We are happy to announce, that our team has developed Functional unit Expert with Forum and Knowledge Base to make our work together more effective and productive.

06 Jul 2018

Hey, guys! We are happy to announce the 3rd methodology developed on Rocket DAO Expert by Stanislav Dzhambazov. This methodology is for evaluation project's resources and assets. Looking forward for your expert feedback and will be glad to see you joined our community: Rocket DAO Expert Vision.

Rocket DAO Team in Silicon Valley
29 Jun 2018

Hey, guys! If you actively follow our news, than you should  know that our team visited SVOD (TOP INTERNATIONAL STARTUP INVESTMENT CONFERENCE) and Gabil Tagiev (COB) and Arthur Pinchuk (Board Director for IT Strategy) have recently come back and shared with us their impressions and thoughts!

29 Jun 2018

Hey-hey! It’s the end of hard working week, so it means that this article is all for fresh Development Updates. It was scheduled to make adjustments and coordination for  technical specification for the platform development process, prepare documentation for Knowledge Base and Forum and creating prototypes for Landing page Rocket DAO and Startups - Expert - Start of Expertize. Here are the details

29 Jun 2018

Dear community, we are glad to present you the second methodology developed by our expert Alexander Drobyshevski. Looking forward for you feedback after reading it and feel free to join our community: Rocket DAO Expert Vision

Marketing check-up consists of two main domains: market or ecosystem and promotion activities. Evaluation of these two factors helps to evaluate the certain level of marketing power for stakeholders and target audience. 

26 Jun 2018

Dear friends!
At the moment, more than 20 of our experts for the evaluation of blockchain projects are developing their own methodologies.
At the present moment, there are 5 preliminary versions of the methodologies for project evaluation for different parameters. Over five more methodologies are in progress. And we are happy to present you the  first methodology for team evaluation, developed by Sergey Lavrinenko.

22 Jun 2018

Hi, everyone! One of our favourite topics for articles is Development Updates, because we can show how much work was done during a week and we are happy to share the freshest one.

We continue working on the details for Fund unit and a great thing our developers implemented is chat!

21 Jun 2018

From the previous part of the article it has become more or less clear how the use of assets looks. However, many of you will be interested in how the system will manage complex assets. Or, how does it link the assets belonging to various owners for obtaining from them a new production chain with set parameters?

Structural Capital Management on Rocket DAO platform  Part 2
14 Jun 2018

External and internal structural capital; the platform, which turns external structural capital into internal one.

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